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Shop Review: Lark in Chester, CT

Every time you walk in, one can sense the amazing positive energy. The folks who work here love what they do. The owner, Suzy, curates the shop’s selection with an eye for the unique, the precious, and the fun.

For such a quaint shop, Suzy has a delightful assortment of unique clothes, scarves, bags, hats, jewelry, as well as gifts. There is a beautiful display of stained glass for sale. Many local artists are featured along side free-trade global wares.

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Hello, my name is Sandra. And I am addicted to scarves.

Next to shoes and cardigans, scarves are a fashion staple that I can’t stop buying. They’re so pretty, so soft, so…I just can’t have enough of them!

No matter what store I go to, I always check out the scarves just in case there might be something that sparks joy.

Below are some pics of my favorite scarf finds. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂


Plaid Blanket Scarf | $32 | Lark | Chester, CT

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Brewfestinistas/os @ Mt. Southington 1st Annual Crazy Brew Bash

Stylish beer‘o’philes converged upon Mt. Southington to savor local brews against a stunning fall foliage backdrop last Saturday, October 15th.

The cooler weather brought out scarves, hats, jackets, and boots galore.

I, as Bargainista, could not help but document all the cool autumnal attire!

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