I don’t know what it is about this kooky, eclectic, gem box of a store other than I fell in love the first time my footfall crossed its threshold.

Every time I go in, I’m greeted with a smile from the friendly owner. I never know what treasure I’ll find in this place and that is exactly why this place holds a special place in my bargainista heart.

Whether it’s the time a coworker took her daughter here on my recommendation and they found the perfect vintage cocktail dress for a her work event for $65 that had a very Audrey Hepburn-esque  vibe. It was a black lace dress with peekaboo back and shoulders.

Or the time I went in just to chat and look over the jewelry case and brought home a rather furious looking Celtic wolf pin that ended up being by a NYC artist and sparked joy for me.

Or the latest visit, on a tree top Christmas tree display, I found old vintage glass blown ornaments just like my grandmother had on her tree. As I reached a finger out to touch them, tears came to my eyes, because this would be the first Christmas without my grandmother. Two of the ornaments found their way home with me gently wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap.

Or the time I wrestled with the Xmas lights and plastic cup huge ornament the Owner’s father made her every year. He passed this year, too, and she wanted to put it up in remembrance of him. With the help of five other customers, and a super mom with McGuyver-esque skills with safety pins, we got the ball to hang and plugged it in.

There is a certain magic in this little town of Chester, and I for one, cannot get enough of it or this little store.

The infamous Celtic wolf pin


The super friendly owner


Christmas ornaments from Thailand
Hats and dresses and jewelry, oh my!
The tree filled with vintage blown glass ornaments
Jewelry in every color of the rainbow


Beautiful butterfly brooches


Hats for every occasion

The Christmas ornament made by the owner’s father