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December 2015

Makeup Review

I’ve been looking for a good eyebrow pencil and of course, as Bargainista, I’m looking for one that won’t break my budget.

I visited a local CVS to see what I could find. I bought three brow products and this once came out the winner: Maybelline Eyestudio define and fill duo. 

I am a a fan of the Maybelline Eyestudio products after having very good luck with their eyeliners. 

This product worked well and filled my brows in. It created a soft and natural look while being easy to use.


Treasure Trove Tuesday

While Xmas shopping at a local TJ Maxx, I found this joy sparking top.

Merry Xmas to me!

I’ve never seen a top like this and even just on the hanger, I loved it. I was very drawn to its relaxed yet feminine (think bows) feel.

Pebble and Stone top | $19.99 | TJ Maxx | Glastonbury, CT

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Shop Review: Lark in Chester, CT

Every time you walk in, one can sense the amazing positive energy. The folks who work here love what they do. The owner, Suzy, curates the shop’s selection with an eye for the unique, the precious, and the fun.

For such a quaint shop, Suzy has a delightful assortment of unique clothes, scarves, bags, hats, jewelry, as well as gifts. There is a beautiful display of stained glass for sale. Many local artists are featured along side free-trade global wares.

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Shop Review: The Willow Tree in Chester, CT

I don’t know what it is about this kooky, eclectic, gem box of a store other than I fell in love the first time my footfall crossed its threshold.

Every time I go in, I’m greeted with a smile from the friendly owner. I never know what treasure I’ll find in this place and that is exactly why this place holds a special place in my bargainista heart.

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Hello, my name is Sandra. And I am addicted to scarves.

Next to shoes and cardigans, scarves are a fashion staple that I can’t stop buying. They’re so pretty, so soft, so…I just can’t have enough of them!

No matter what store I go to, I always check out the scarves just in case there might be something that sparks joy.

Below are some pics of my favorite scarf finds. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂


Plaid Blanket Scarf | $32 | Lark | Chester, CT

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After reading Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the way I shop has changed irrevocably.

One of the basic tenets presented in Kondo’s book is the idea of only shopping for items that spark joy.

What is this spark joy of which I speak?

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Treasure Trove Tuesday

Welcome to the first installment of TTT, or Treasure Trove Tuesday, a new series where I feature the singular pieces I found at thrift or consignment stores that spark much joy for me.

Unlike the honorable mention series, these are things that are my size and I ended up purchasing.

Even better if I got them for very little cost!

Repeat after me, readers: “The most amount of joy for the least amount of my hard earned money!”

Am I right or amiright?

Because I love you and because this is the first installment of TTT, I am giving you a Twin TTT. Two items: a lace top from The Limited and a cashmere scarf.

The Limited black lace over cream blouse | $5.65 | Consignment Originals | Rocky Hill , CT

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Honorable Mention: The J. Crew dress

Welcome to the first installment of the Honorable Mention series.

As I visit the shops, thrift, consignment, and retail, I come across amazing examples of current couture. Many are not in my size but that doesn’t stop me from just loving how beautiful they are in materials and construction.

When I saw this dress in Urban Exchange, a consignment shop in Northampton Massachusetts, I was just taken by the beautiful colors.

J. Crew cocktail dress | size 6 | $59.99 | Urban Exchange | Northampton, MA

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Winter shoefies

A gallery of my latest winter shoefies. Most of them are of my boot collection.

More boots…
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